OH Pro Rank Deck Guide 7.4

Overwhelming Hunger Deck Guide, 76% WR, 18-5-3


Hi all Gwent lovers, today I would like to share a deck that I had a blast playing, it is also deceptively strong in the current meta, as it plays on the meta’s weaknesses as well as its strengths. It performs extremely well against decks running rampant such as Symbiosis, Precision strike & Shieldwall as well as in the mirror match with OH.
My main goal when creating the deck was to find a good balance of pointslam that sucessfully spreads points across the board, avoiding playing into tall punish, as you find in typical OH decks (Yrghen & Ozzrel). Additionally, I have included a few very strong control options to punish the greed in many popular decks in the current meta.

Blue coin

  • Mulligans
    • Mulligan for your thinning options here, Riders & Foglet plus a consume should put you ahead enough in points that you can find a pass if you’re up against a tough opponent on Blue coin
    • You can also consider looking for your carryover in Fiend
    • Consider taking one less Mulligan, if you have a chance of bricking your thinning cards
  • Strategy
    • Generally, this will depend on your matchup, you want to aim to win so that you can secure last say, as it is essential against greedy decks like Symbiosis, Precision Strike, Shieldwall (with Vysogota) and even Battle trance
    • Can easily secure dominance for thinning with TA
    • Be careful, many decks in current meta can abuse Red coin with high tempo plays

Red coin

  • Mulligans
    • Again you want to mulligan for your thinning cards as they will increase the consistency of your deck in Round’s 2 & 3, as well as providing decent tempo in Round 1
    • Miruna is also a great consideration in this round which can allow for a huge tempo swing, especially useful if you can nab an engine. Miruna is a strong tool that can allow you to win on even, if your opponent isn’t careful
    • Also Mulligan for one thrive engine, an Endrega Larva is preferable
  • Strategy
    • Due to the high tempo plays you can achieve with very little setup, you can easily win on even. Do not be afraid to commit a leader charge for a nice Miruna target or even a Caranthir to double up on Miruna
    • Try not to over commit to too many thrive engines, as you will be behind in points by the 7 card breakpoint and your opponent will get a free pass

Round’s 2 & 3

  • The decision to bleed or not will depend on your hand and which deck you are up against.
  • Detlaff plus 2 hero charges is a 19-point play, so it is very powerful in a short round. This combo is particularly powerful as your opponent cannot interact with it.
  • Do not be afraid to commit Haunt for the bleed in Round 2, if you have enough deathwish units in hand to trigger the scenario. This can put your opponent in an awkward spot, especially if you have defender in hand
  • If you are up against a greedy deck and have secured last say, try to get access to Geralt; Yrden.
  • There are also some popular devotion decks in current meta i.e. Congregate & SK warriors so you may safely commit Haunt in Round 2 for bleed even if you do not have defender.


  • Caranthir -> Glusty
    • Glusty can be a big point slam due to the high amount of 1 power rats that the deck can produce.
    • Original iteration of deck was using Glustyworp. Since switching to Caranthir deck has higher consistency as it avoids weird sequencing to get the most value out of Glustyworp. Current iteration with Caranthir is undefeated.
  • Geralt:Yrden -> Geralt Igni & Vanilla Geralt
    • Yrden has a higher ceiling however can be a total brick/forced mulligan against decks like Patricidal Fury. If you find yourself up against these types of decks on ladder, consider switching to Geralt: Igni
    • Vanilla Geralt is also a great consideration, however can be a total brick if the opponent does not have a 9 or higher power unit.

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