Gwent: Reveal Review #2 Scoia’tael

Welcome to our second ‘upcoming cards’ review! Today’s subject we will share our thoughts on is Scoia’tael. Before the start, I’d like to state that I am the Scoia’tael simp of the team, so you may trust my observations and as far as I could tell, Scoia’tael is a huge disappointment for me.

Actually, no point to reading this article more, I said it couldn’t satisfy me. But if you want to read a more deeply analysis, let’s get started. We have one card for each rarity, and I will tell my comments in this order.

1st Bronze, Common

Well, I might say this card is one of the worst cards in this expansion no doubt. At the first sight, I thought this only spawns one time, which means, 6 for 5 at best. But it’s, probably, not like that. Every copy spawned by is gonna get a new counter, so you can spawn tons of copies until your row is full. But it’s nearly impossible, why so? First: Scoia’tael archetypes are generally focused on swarms. If you want to get lots of value from this card, you should play with a deck that uses so many specials. At present, we have 2 special archetypes in Scoia’tael, these are Devotion Gift and all kinds of unitless (not including traps). Unitless, as befits the name, can’t play this card. And Nature Gift has treants that can clog the rows. Anyways, if you still play it, it will die with any card that can hit by 3. So we have a cherubimic new bronze that will not see a play in no case.

2nd Bronze, Rare
ELDER BEAR OF (sorry not Elder Bear, Sorceress) DOL BLATHANNA:

I’d like to say this card is pretty good, but I can’t. I know, at the first sight it seems really nice but it won’t in practice. We all know these kinds of cards are always dies. Let’s say you’re on Blue Coin, and your strategem is Crystal Skull. In this scenario, it fits like a glove. But in general, Scoia’tael is not a faction like Northern Realms. It doesn’t have too many protection options. In all probability, some decks like Nature’s Gift may play one from this card. In certain match-ups, like Viy, the value of Elder Bear of Dol Blathanna can escalate into the sky. Otherwise… needless to say.

1st Gold, Epic

Senior citizens! Wholesome players! My precious brothers and sisters! CDPR is no good to you. You can just do your thing now. Yet the unitless players, are you here? I would be honored to introduce Vanadain. A new, creamy unitless support. If waylay doesn’t get buff, with the assumption of Vanadain will die always, the cards you put to the bottom of your deck will be better than waylay usually. But it also helps to get rid of 2 units and change them into 2 removals. In deep down, I’m a bit unstable about this card. It might be good at winning the first round and clearing the hand from bricks… It can evolve into something different in future patch notes. We’ll see.

2nd Gold, Legendary

Eithne, Dana, Brouver, Eldain and Francesca now. It’s a shame for Filavandrel. If joking aside, Francesca has a great potential to be a perfect meem. Some friends of mine have compared Francesca with Meve. Well, proccing Meve is much more easier than Francesca. She needs a perfect order (because it requires playing the most powerful special last). But Francesca’s ability more powerful than Meve’s one. If we get to another point, the protection issue; Meve has Donimir, Francesca has Veil. You make up your mind. In my opinion… How many angels can dance on the head of a pin, right?

In brief, sadly, the faction I was very hopeful is disappointed me very badly. I hope I’m wrong and ST comes with a loud noise. We have 2 more expansion packs ahead of us and I still haven’t lost my excitement yet. Before I end my speech, let’s hope for better, wholesome, and without no-unit decks for Scoia’tael.

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