Nilfgaard 1275

After his friend Detlaff’s tragic death in Beauclair, Regis had set out to Nilfgaard – a modern society in which no one believed in vampires-. Regis thought he could live a simple life among the humans. But once he arrived in Nilfgaard, looks like G.O.D had some other plans for him. After his arrival in the capital of Nilfgaard, Regis felt something around him. He had only felt this before when they went to see the Unseen Elder with Geralt. He felt a very strong vampiric aura -not something recognizable by humans, or even witchers-. This could mean only one thing Regis thought to himself, “I am not the only vampire in this city.” He was curious where this would lead him. That is why he went to his new house and started investigating. He wanted to find out which other vampires where in the city with him. After brewing some decoctions to locate these vampires, he was led to the “Van Moerlehem Estate”.

“Is this who I think it is?” Regis thought to himself. But he ignored the thought to not get his hopes up. Once he observed the estate, he saw aristocratic hunters with dogs. They were guarding the estate 24/7, making sure no one entered without permission. But Regis was after all, a higher vampire. Getting through the guards was the least of worries. Once near the estate, he saw posters about a certain “Masquerade Ball” being hosted tonight. His plan was simple: Get past the guards without being seen and attend the Masquerade Ball to find out what was going on in the Van Moerlehem Estate. After darkness fell, it was the time to put Regis’s plan into action. Like he predicted it was really easy to get past all the hunters around the estate. After all, Regis can easily turn into fog and become invisible. He was finally at the door of the state.  He was curious to see what lied ahead of him. Once inside, he felt something behind him, turns out he was not the only vampire who could turn into fog. Standing behind him was none other than his old friend Vincent van Moerlehem.

It had been ages since Regis and Vincent had last seen each other. They used to be best friends back in the day, when Regis was a punk. Although their friendship didn’t last long, Regis ended his friendship with Vincent and his girlfriend at the time, now wife, Ophilie, once he stopped drinking blood from innocents. Regis understood that unlike him, Vincent and Ophelie had not changed a bit over the years when he asked why the Masquerade Ball was taking place. Vincent explained how they bring in humans as guests and how some of them dissappear without a trace. Regis was expecting this, with Detlaff gone he might be the only vampire left in the world who doesn’t drink blood. But he had no intention to go back to the days where him and Vincent would go to a village, slaughter everyone there and drink their blood. He had to be cool with the fact that there were vampires who drank blood of innocent humans. Vincent offered Regis to give him a tour of the estate. During the tour Vincent saw the Cupbearer and the Servants.

They were humans, but they served the Van Moerlehems and therefore didn’t get their blood sucked unlike the poor guests who thought they were gonna attend a ball in the famous Van Moerlehem Estate. Vincent took Regis to Ophelie. She was quite happy to see her old friend. She thought about all the villages they raided together, a fact Regis didn’t want to remember. Regis told Ophelie about his time spent with Geralt and his crew. After chatting with Ophilie and Vincent, Regis learned how no one suspected the Van Moerlehems. It was because Vincent and Ophilie had made a deal with the Emperor Emhyr var Emreis. The Emporer had agreed to not collect taxes from the van Moerlehems in exchange of them not interfering in politics, a deal which has worked out great so far. During Regis’s time away, Ophelie and Vincent hadn’t stayed all the same. They now had a son called Philippe. Regis could tell Philippe wasn’t as intelligent as his father or mother by the fact that Philippe hadn’t noticed Regis when he was in fog form. The sun had gone down. It was time for the real pleasures to come for the van Moerlehems and time for Regis to leave. He didn’t want to start drinking blood again. That is why he said goodbye to the van Moerlehems and left to live in the capital of Nilfgaard as a barber surgeon…

Daily] Gwent Card Discussion #76 - Regis : gwent

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