Nilfgaardian Reveal Review

Hi everyone and welcome to the “Nilfgaardian Reveal Review” hosted by yours truly TacoLugia. Today we will be taking a look at the Nilfgaardian cards that we will be getting in the Once Upona Pyre expansion. There are only 4 cards, one from each rarity. So let’s go ahead and start reviewing the reveals. Will we be satisfied or will we lose hair? Time to find out.

First up is the Blightmaker. As predicted this expansion will give NG more Mages and Agents to play with. I still pray for a playable False Ciri. These Agent Mages will be supporting the “Deck Manipulation” archetype. Luckily, no direct support to the Cloggers archetype. Blightmaker puts any card you want on the top of your deck similar to the current and powercrept Albrich. He also has an upside if you put a Mage or a special card at the top. The apperant targets for this card would be Braathens, Artorius, Yennefer’s Invocation and Coup de Grace. However the best target for this card is the next revealed card which we will discuss later. This card spawning a Guardian makes it a 7 for 5 that puts a Mage on top which seems pretty good. The special card condition spawns a Cow Carcass which is a card I really like because it triggers Assimilate, Enforcers, Seditious Aristocrats and Thirsty Dame (x3) at the same time. It also allows for counterplay from both sides. I would guess the special card you would want to put on top would be Coup de Grace to utilize its Echo. I also wonder what the lore behind this creepy card is. Overall, I feel this card is a nice and powerful addition to NG.

The next card we have is Mage Assassin. With this card revealed the card above starts to make a lot more sense. Mage Assassin is supposed to be the prime target for Blightmaker. You use Blightmaker on this card that is 4+3+2+2. 11 points… not bad. This combo also thins your deck by 1. Obviously you don’t want to draw this card in hand because it would be a brick. I am quite happy with this combo as as soon as I saw Blightmaker I wanted a combo like SkaldSkirm in NG and this card delivers on that. I would call this combo “Discard Package but Better” as it is not only more points than SkaldSkirm, it is also less draw dependant. This combo also showcases how trash Albrich and Affan were. Hopefully they get adressed in the next patch. To conclude, 11 for 5 (that requires a certain 4p in deck) with 1 thinning… That’s just broken right?

Here comes the part where we start to lose hair. People have been waiting for this card since its leak in Beta. Finally it is getting released. Is it good? No. The main problem I have with this card is the fact that it can only destroy units with equal strength. I would imagine it would be very hard to find and enemy unit with the power exactly equal to one of your top 3 units. You could technically combine this with Rico even though the opponent can play around it. The ceiling and the floor on this card are so far apart. This has a chance to play as a 5 for 13. Let’s move on to the Order ability. This card will mess the opponent up if they fail to kill it but there is nothing else in Hyperthin decks that need to be removed so the opponent saves their Lock/Boiling Oil for this card and the Order never goes off. This card would be good if it could get guaranteed value on Deploy. However, Molegion tweeted that this card was actually good during playtests. I really hope they changed some current NG Mages to synergize with this card as I really want to play Rience in NG. For now, the rating I give this card is “Absolute Ass”.

This card isn’t as bad as the last one. The ideal use for this card would be to Banish 2 4-5 prov bronzes and thin your deck by 2. The downside I see to this card is it boosts the same unit twice playing into tall removal. I consider this card to be OK. 8-10 points with 2 thinning attached to it doesn’t seem bad. With all these thinning options NG players will have to be careful while building their deck to not mill themselves. You can also use this card to Banish Rience, that is better than playing a 5 for 13 🙂.

Thanks for reading!

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