The Official Nilfgaardian Leader Skin Tierlist

Welcome to The Official Nilfgaardian Leader Skin brought to you by the Nilfgaardian Connoisseur, TacoLugia.

You can see the complete list above. So, let’s discuss each leader skin one by one.

To kick things off we have the White Flame Dancing on the Graves of his Enemies, Emhyr var Emreis himself. The Deithwen Emhyr skin ranks in S Tier as it is the best leader skin in the game. He fits most of the Nilfgaard leaders. Unfortunately I don’t have the skin. Hopefully one day CDPR will sell the skin for Meteorite Powder so I will be able to dance on the graves of my foes when I beat them in a Gwent match. In short, the skin looks spectacular. I also want to mention some people who are known for using Deithwen Emhyr as their Nilfgaardian leader skin of choice: The Gwent Masters Season 2 Champion Pajabol and Our Emperor, the creator of the legendary Nova Kolgrim deck prv1605.

Anna Henrietta is the most attractive Nilfgaardian leader skin. A problem with the Nilfgaard Leader Skin options is that they all look similar. But Anna Henrietta is the one that stands out from the rest. Just like her cousin Emhyr, she fits most Nilfgaard leaders with no issue. Her animations and emotes are great. Again just like Emhyr there are people known for using her as their Nilfgaardian leader skin of choice: kams134 also known as Brother Jams and the Nilfgaardian Faction Ambassador Jaggerous.

Time to move on to the other Emhyr skins (Urcheon of Erlanwald skin and Scourge of the North skin). Personally I do not like beginner leader skins that is why I use the alternative Emhyr skin. Emhyr will strike fear into your opponent’s as soon as he enters the battlefield. Emhyr is also super effective if you are playing an “unethical” Nilfgaard deck such as Ballless Angouleme Lockdown. His emotes are perfect if you want to annoy your opponent. He is overall a very solid choice.

This man needs no introduction. We all know and love him. Whenever the meta is populated with overpowered decks like Viy, Lippy, Ethereal, Second Wind Warriors this man with his bald head is here to save the day. If you are using the Usurper skin, the deck I would recommend you would be Lockdown Ball. Unfortunately he doesn’t go that well with other Lockdown decks like Cloggers or Madoc. Even though his voice lines got nerfed, his combo with Lockdown Ball is still the best leader-skin combo in the game.

This guy is the Nilfgaard leader which will tilt the opponent the most especially if they are NR. His voice acting is very well done in lines such as “I shall crush your pathetic realms to embers.”. Similar to the Lockdown Usurper combo, Ardal has a nice combo with the Enslave leader ability. Beware of people using this skin they can be dangerous.

Now let’s move onto the probably the most controversial pick in the tierlist. Most people would put Morvran higher up on the list. I agree that Morvran has the best emotes in the game. His stance during your turn is great as well. However, I hate the way he stands during the enemy turn. Also his animation fits Imperial Formation and not Tactical Decision. I hope Formation gets 4 charges again so we can use Formation with Morvran skin.

Jan Calveit… He sits on a chair. That is what he does. His voice lines are OK but he is just outclassed by every other Nilfgaardian Leader Skin in the game.

I want to thank you all for reading the Official Nilfgaardian Leader Skin Tierlist. If you disagree you are free to convince me to change my tierings :).

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