WoTW: Theory Craft and Thoughts

Hi Gwent lovers! The hype around Gwent’s new ‘Way of the Witcher’ expansion has started to hit boiling point! It has inspired me to discuss some of the new cards i am excited to use.
My goal in the lead up to release is to cover one faction a day. In these I will discuss my general thoughts on the cards that have been revealed so far as well my own most anticipated cards. If you enjoy today’s article be sure to check back everyday for the remaining factions.

Before we begin with the first faction i would like to put in a few disclaimers.
Firstly, I will be covering cards that I am most excited for. These may not be the strongest or the most expected to make a huge impact on the meta.
Secondly, I will not be rating the cards, only providing general thoughts, strengths, weaknesses and potential synergies. I will try to pick a card from each rarity but I cannot promise anything as there are many cards that catch my eye.
Finally, if there are any topics or aspects of the expansion you want me to cover or expand upon please comment below.
Now that the disclaimers are out of the way lets begin…


Scoia’tel is one of the factions I am most hyped for in the upcoming expansion. One of the reasons for this is that the cards revealed are extremely focused on a singular archetype. Did I mention that they were wickedly strong to boot? We can clearly see that the developers are trying to make this archetype a mainstay. I believe they are also poised to be a powerhouse in the upcoming seasons. Now to go into further details on my favourite cards so far!

Thoughts- This card just oozes great design, not only is it a great build around card as it gives your deck a game-plan to work towards, it also has an exceptional payoff. Having said that the card is not restricted to only playing in a movement decks, it can slot into most decks that can stack rows efficiently with little issues.
Strengths – The raw power of this card is insane, in the last four turns alone, if unanswered it has the power to potentially create a 8 point swing as an end of turn effect. This is excluding all other potential synergies you can work into a list with this card.
Weaknesses – Random nature of the ability can make it whiff completely.
Due to the wording of the card, it can only work as an end of turn effect and cannot be triggered manually.
Potential Synergies- As mentioned above this card doubles as a row punish and a row stacking payoff in a neat little bundle called Gezras. Current decks that can make use of Gezras effectively seem to be Elf Swarm and Symbiosis due to the rate at which they can produce tokens. Additionally if you are up against a deck that likes to go tall you can tech in a few additional movements to ensure Gezras’s ranged row ability proc’s i.e. Malena or Vrihedd Dragoon

Thoughts- This card feels grossly under costed at 7 provisions, if a row is stacked to 8 units you can play this card for a potential 13 point swing. Now, add in additional synergies and you are left feeling sorry for your opponent after a tempo swing that should be illegal.
Strengths- Can pretty much work in any deck as long as you stack a single row. Strength of card only increases with further synergies.
Weaknesses- Random spawn effects, such as Symbiosis Treants can hurt your potential point output. Some anti-synergy with Cat Witcher Mentor. Higher skill ceiling of card, needs smart unit placement for maximising synergies with some cards due to sequencing of ability resolution.
Potential Synergies- All i can say is Dol Blathanna Sentry. Hear me out if the ranged row is stacked correctly, with two Dol Blathanna Sentries, Gaetan can produce a 25 point swing, do i need to even say anything else? You want to hear more, ok, this card can easily slot into any deck that likes to stack a single row. Decks that come to mind include Dwarves mainly however Elves can work with smart sequencing

Thoughts- If the previous two cards are the crown jewels, this card right here is the bread and butter. If one card can facilitate the movement archetype alone, its this one. It is flexible enough to provide tempo in a short round 1 if you have stacked rows as well as turn into an engine in extended rounds. Amazing design.
Strengths- Flexible card, can provide a tempo swing or transition into engine if required
Weaknesses- Susceptible to disruption (i.e. removal/lock), however would usually be a trade up for you in provisions.
Potential Synergies- This definitely seems like a card that should be played in a Guerilla Tactics deck. Vrihedd Dragoon & Paulie can trigger this cards effect at Adrenaline 4, however Malena can turn it into a reliable engine. Can also be used with Gaetan, despite the slight anti-synergy.

Thats it for Scoia’tel!
Please check back here over coming days for remaining factions. Finally I want to thank the dev’s, Gwent is not an easy game to design cards for and i appreciate the thought they are putting into the new cards!
Sgt-Bork out.

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