WoTW: Theory Craft & Thoughts, Final Part

Hi Gwent lovers! We have come to the end of our journey and the new set is upon us. Today I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for joining me on this journey. Writing these pieces have been a blast. Thinking critically about the new cards has really gotten me hyped.
I would also like to thank all Team Duello members for helping me by allowing me to bounce ideas off them and being incredibly welcoming.

Before I finish, I will leave you with some notable Neutral cards that stood out to me. I am almost certain, that these cards will see play in many of the popular decks.

I have no doubt, decks that are focused on Witcher’s or has one of the big Witcher’s like ‘Arnaghad’ & ‘Gezras of Leyda’ will be playing ‘Geralt: Quen’. Not only will it tutor these important cards, if the Adrenaline effect is active it provides protection through ‘Shield’ to the tutored Witcher. In the case of the two aforementioned this is invaluable.

Oh boy, the ceiling and possibilities for this card are endless. Show me a deck I’ll show you how this card fits into it. Revenants, Scenarios, Cards that spawn copies of themselves like ‘Endrega Larva’, Caranthir. The possibilities go on and on. This card is just incredible, definitely a 10 out of 10 from me.

 This card may not be as universal as the previous two mentioned, that’s not to say it isn’t a stand-out. It is neat card with a neat effect that has the potential to become an engine. Imagine an engine that boosts itself when you draw a card, very unique.

Hope everyone has a blast playing with these new cards.
I’ll see you all on ladder!

Sgt-Bork out.

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